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Team UK – University of Brighton
Labour Market Transitions in comparative perspective

Team Hungary – TARKI Social Research Institute Inc.
Family policies,working time flexibility and social cohesion

    Hungarian TV (ATV) – Debate 5th May 2010 “Potential conflict between work and houeshold” with Prof. Sik

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

Team Austria – Institute for Advanced Studies
Work-Care Tensions

Team Portugal – Centre for research and studies in sociology
Mapping work-care orientations for gender equality in private and public contexts

Team Austria – Vienna University of economics and business
Quality of Work and Life and Work-Life Balance across the Life Course

Team Poland – Gender elites and work-care relations

Team Scotland – University of Aberdeen
Social Quality in work and care

Team Italy – Social Care and Work-Care Balance

What we do

WORKCARE SYNERGIES is a support action with the aim of disseminating research findings of previous EU Framework Programme projects in the field of work-care.
Our dissemination scheme is based on the concept of local key mediator teams, which are based in each of the seven countries where dissemination will take place. The mediator teams consist of local researchers, knowledge transfer and communication specialists.

The WORKCARESYNERGIES dissemination project ran for two years (2010/2011) and finished in December 2011.
Nevertheless, this homepage is being maintained for the next years to allow downloads of project information and related documents.