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The Project


WORKCARE SYNERGIES is a support action with the aim of disseminating research findings of previous EU Framework Programme projects in the field of work-care. Our dissemination scheme is based on the concept of local key mediator teams, which are based in each of the seven countries where dissemination will take place. The mediator teams consist of local researchers, knowledge transfer and communication specialists. Local teams will implement local dissemination activities.


  • collect, select and prepare relevant findings from different existing FP projects
  • in the form of (theme-specific and target-group oriented) discussion materials
  • and other dissemination tools (e.g. film, newsletter, folder, poster, homepage, etc.)
  • to make existing research findings available
  • to NGOs, policy makers, trade unions, labour representatives, regional organizations and services, companies, other local actors, interested parties, etc.
  • in local dissemination events and
  • summarize material and discussion results for publication.

Altogether, local dissemination events will present relevant research findings from 20 research projects within the EU Framework Programmes and initiate their discussion in a local context. All deal with questions of work-care, i.e. how families in different societal frameworks and settings combine their work and (child-)care responsibilities. Chosen to reflect current local concerns and to make use of existing research, actual dissemination themes vary by country.

What YOU can do -
Join the discussion!

WORKCARE SYNERGIES is a dissemination event. You can participate in the local discussion of EU research findings and contribute to the development of policy conclusions. Voice YOUR expert and private opinion. Register for our newsletter and sign up for our events.


The WORKCARESYNERGIES dissemination project ran for two years (2010/2011) and finished in December 2011.
Nevertheless, this homepage is being maintained for the next years to allow downloads of project information and related documents.