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WORKCARE SYNERGIES disseminates EU Framework Programme Resesarch findings from the following projects:

BETWIXT, FP 4 (1998-2001)

Between Integration and Exclusion: A Comparative Study in Local Dynamics of Precarity and Resistance to exclusion in Urban Contexts,,;

CINEFOGO, FP6, NoE (2005-2009),
Civil Society and New Forms of Governance in Europe – The Making of European Citizenship,,

EQUALSOC, FP6, NoE (2005-2010)

Economic Change, Quality of Life and Social Cohesion,

HWF, FP5 (2000-2003)

Households, Work and Flexibility,;

IFAC, FP6 (2006-2008)

Information for a choice: Empowering young women through learning for technical professions and science careers, Science and society,;

IMISCOE, FP6, NoE (2004-2009)

International Migration Integration and Social Cohesion,

MULTILINK, FP7 (2008-2011)

How demographic changes shape intergenerational solidarity, well-being, and social integration: a multilinks framework,;;

MOCHO: Combining Work and Motherhood, FP5 (2001-2004)

The Rationale of Motherhood Choices: Influence of Employment Conditions and Public Policies,

Meta-Analysis of Gender and Science Research, FP7 (2008-),;
Austrian country report:

QUALITY, FP6 (2006-2009)

Family, Work and Social Care in Europe

RECWOWE, FP6, NoE (2006-2011)

Reconciling Work and Welfare in Europe;

SOCCARE FP5 (2000-2003)

Family, Work and Social Care in Europe,

The Gender Challenge in Research Funding. Assessing the European national scenes, FP7, Capacities,

TRANSITIONS, FP5 (2003-2005)

Gender, parenthood and the changing European workplace: young adults negotiating the work-family boundary

TRANSLAM, FP4 (1996-1999)

Social integration by Transitional Labour Markets: new pathways for labour market policy (This research was subsequently developed into (see below), FP5 (2002-2006)

Managing Social Risks Through Transitional Labour Markets

Women in European Universities, FP5, Training and Research Network (2000-2003)

WORKCARE, FP6 (2006-2009)
Social quality and the changing relationships between work, care and welfare in Europe,;

WORKS Changes in Work FP6 (2005-2009)

Work Organisation and Restructuring in a knowledge society,


Working and Mothering: Social Practices and Social Policies

What we do

WORKCARE SYNERGIES is a support action with the aim of disseminating research findings of previous EU Framework Programme projects in the field of work-care.
Our dissemination scheme is based on the concept of local key mediator teams, which are based in each of the seven countries where dissemination will take place. The mediator teams consist of local researchers, knowledge transfer and communication specialists.

The WORKCARESYNERGIES dissemination project ran for two years (2010/2011) and finished in December 2011.
Nevertheless, this homepage is being maintained for the next years to allow downloads of project information and related documents.